Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

It was a beautiful, fun night for trick-or-treating this year!!
The repurposed cape from his 3rd grade book report- I was just glad I didn't have to make something or go out and buy something at his age!

She wanted to be a "real" black bat this year!

She is still really into Little House on the Prairie!

He went out with friends by himself for the first time this year!

My gang!

They carved their pumpkins themselves this year- pretty good I'd say!!

1st Place!!

So proud of this guy for performing his pattern in front of a whole bunch of judges and earning 1st place in his division for forms!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Faith Ranch

I got to spend a wonderful day with Elaina and her American Heritage Girl troop at Faith Ranch.  It's so hard to get 1:1 time with the kids, so I was loving having a whole day to ourselves!
There were peacocks everywhere!

A nervous smile before we were about to head out of the gate...

A sincere smile after a fantastic trail ride through the meadows and the woods!

This castle playground was so much fun!


Elaina learned how to groom horses!

This is Navajo, the horse she rode on the trail ride.

She fell in love with this lop eared bunny named Snuggles.


While Owen was at Boy Scout camp, the rest of us enjoyed a day at Grove City for Homecoming and wandering around the adorable town of Volant.
So grateful for this place!!

Volant was all decorated for Fall and Halloween!

The girls would have been creeped out by all of these decorations a couple of years ago, but now they think it's hilarious.

Fall Family Hike

I love Fall!  We enjoyed this beautiful hike just 10 minutes from  our house!

Old friends, good times

We had a fantastic weekend at Shenandoah River State Park with 6 other families, mostly old friends from GCC.  It was fun to see how great our kids all got along too!

The kids had so much fun playing in the woods behind our cabin!

A hot chocolate break on a rainy Saturday

The Shenandoah River Valley is beautiful!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Audrey is 8!!

How can our youngest be 8 years old already?
She wanted a Steelers birthday this year and no cake, just fudge.  She spent hours making games, tickets and prizes for her siblings and cousins.  We had so much fun celebrating her!!

This store came to Pittsburgh just 2 days before her birthday, so this was our treat to her!